Business idea: Start this business with a job, will earn crores of rupees

By | March 16, 2022

Most people try to earn as much as they can in today’s world. People are seen doing jobs, overtime or small and big business to earn money. In today’s situation, agriculture has also been included in the area which gives a lot of income. Bumper income can now be earned even through farming. Here is a new business idea for those who want to earn good money. Through which you can easily earn millions of rupees. It is better to invest with business planning. This business has the potential to be even more profitable with less effort.

Here is information about sandalwood cultivation. Sandalwood is in great demand in the country and abroad. You will earn many times more than what you spend in sandalwood cultivation. This business can be started for one lakh rupees. Today we are telling you about sandalwood cultivation.

Sandalwood can be prepared in two ways. The first is made from organic farming and the second is traditionally prepared. Organic sandalwood trees take about 10 to 15 years to prepare and also traditionally take about 20 to 25 years to make a tree. It does not require any external protection for the first 8 years. Then comes the scent. So there is a fear that the sandalwood trees will be cut down secretly. So you have to keep the sandalwood tree away from animals and others until it is completely ready. Its trees are grown everywhere except in sandy and snowy areas.

Where is the use?

Sandalwood is used in piles. It is most commonly used in perfumery. It is also used to make beauty products and ayurvedic medicine.

How much will be earned?

Sandalwood seedlings can be found in any good nursery for Rs.100 to Rs.150. The sandalwood plant is a parasite, which means it cannot survive in the soil. It needs someone’s support to survive. That means a host plant is needed with it. This host plant comes at Rs 50-60. The tree grows so the farmer can easily cut 15-20 kg of wood from it every year. This wood is sold in the market at a price of about 30 thousand rupees per kg. That way you can earn crores of rupees.

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