Have you become pregnant amidst the increasing danger of Omicron, take special care of these things

By | January 26, 2022

Pregnancy Once again the number of Kovid-19 infected patients is increasing. This time a new variant of Corona, Omicron has arrived, which is more contagious than the Delta variant. In this, children and women who are pregnant are more at risk. Corona infection during pregnancy can become a danger not only for the mother but also for the unborn child. In such a situation, we are telling you some such tips here, by following which you can stay away from corona infection.

1. Eat well and get enough sleep

Good food and sleep are very important during pregnancy. To increase immunity, eat more and more nutritious food. Do not eat outside junk food, more oily spices, oily food, packaged food and processed food. Remember that you also need to take enough rest. It affects your immunity and health of the child.

2. Be active and do breathing exercises:

To avoid the risk of Kovid-19, it is necessary that you exercise at home. You can take help of yoga and meditation. This will also end stress and anxiety. Do breathing exercises at home. Breathing exercises improve the health of the lungs

3. Do not let sick people from outside come into the house:
Prevent sick people from entering the house. Avoid people who are sick. So avoid going to crowded places.

4. COVID-19 Infected:
Do not panic if you are pregnant and are also infected with Kovid-19. Quarantine yourself and keep taking doctor’s advice. Keep checking your temperature and oxygen level. Do not come in contact with anyone. Your caregiver has had a vaccination.

5. Do not touch face and mouth frequently:
Do not touch your face or nose or mouth after touching a chair, table, knob, door handle etc

6 .Wear a mask and keep distance:
Always wear a mask and keep distance from people. Especially those who are going out of the house. Keep washing your hands or sanitizing it.

7. Online Doctor Visit
In such a situation, you do not need to go out of the house again and again. Even try to contact the doctor online and medicines can also be ordered online.

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