perfect diet plan for 5 year old child

By | February 10, 2022

Children are the beauty of the house. As the child grows, he needs a rich diet. For the healthy development of a child, parents should pay close attention to their diet. Some children eat food of their own choice, but if they are given a diet rich in protein, carbohydrate with new taste every day, then they will get used to eating slowly. Today we will tell you how the baby’s diet plan should be.

kids meal chart

wake up in the morning

1 cup milk and 2 soaked overnight almonds (peeled).


You can give 1 cup porridge or poha or upma.


You can give anything to these things.
1 cup fresh fruit
1 cup kid’s favorite juice
1 cup tomato soup


bowl any lentils or vegetables
any paneer curry
1 bowl curd
1 chapati or 1 cup rice


You can change any of these everyday.
1 cup fruit chaat or sandwich or pizza
Chocolate Milk Shake


bowl vegetable
1 chapati with moong dal

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