veg food chart for 2 year olds

By | December 10, 2021

By the age of two, children start eating almost everything. While feeding two-year-old children, keep in mind that during this time the child’s brain development happens very fast, so give such a diet to the child so that his complete physical and mental development can take place. We have brought a sample diet chart for you, for what is the food plan of a two year old child (Veg Food Chart for 2 Year Old Baby in Hindi).

Indian Veg Food Chart for 2 Year Old Baby

But before adopting any food chart, it is very important to have some special precautions. Remember, avoid giving kids things that are high in sugar or salt right from the start. You can give baby three meals a day and two snacks. Always keep a glass of milk in the diet of the child in the morning and evening. Never give such foods to a 24-month-old baby, which takes a long time to chew. The diet of a two year old child should be soft.

So let us see how the sample food chart or food chart (2 years indian baby food chart in hindi) should be for a one to two year old child:

First Day of Food Chart for 2 Year Baby

On the first day, you can give cornflakes with milk, porridge, oats or with whole grain bread and butter. Have a fruit in breakfast. After breakfast it is the turn of post breakfast. Usually at ten or eleven o’clock you give a sliced ​​apple or a bowl of papaya to the child. During this, give something that keeps the child’s stomach full till the lunch of the day. In lunch, you can give a bowl of lentils, a whole wheat roti, vegetables to the child. Be sure to give salad with food. If the child has a habit of eating salad from the beginning, then it is better for his digestive system. Be sure to add ghee or butter to dal and roti

Usually after 4 o’clock, when the children wake up from the sleep of the day, then give them some healthy snacks again in the post lunch. On the first day, give paneer cutlet or veg cutlet. In dinner, give lentils and vegetables with a roti or a bowl of rice. You can give anything in the vegetable, it would be better if you do not give spices. If possible, prepare a separate vegetable for the child. Spicy vegetables are not good for a child’s digestive system. Give a glass of milk again at bedtime. Make sure to keep some gap between giving milk at night and sleeping.

Day 2 of Kid’s Diet Chart

You can make paratha for breakfast. Remember the parathas should be soft. Give curd with paratha as curd keeps the stomach full for a long time. If you are giving curd, avoid giving milk. In the post breakfast, you can give some cookies to the child with a glass of milk on this day. On this day, give mixed veg, rice and lentils in lunch. After lunch, around four o’clock, give a bowl of chopped fruits or sprouted pulses to the child. The more fun you can make post lunch snacks, the better it will be for you. At the time of dinner, you can give roti, dal and paneer bhujia to the child. At this time also give salad with food. Give a glass of milk before sleeping at night.

Day 3 of Food Chart for Baby

Besan Cheela or Ragi Dosa is a good option to start the day. You can serve it with fresh tomato chutney or sambar. After breakfast, give a glass of milk or milk shake before lunch.

In lunch, you can give chickpeas or kidney beans to replace the taste of the child. Rajma or Chole is not only good in taste but also full of protein. If lunch is heavy on this day, then keep something light in mid-day snacks like poha or milk-biscuit. In dinner, you can give soybean chunks with roti. Soyabean chunks should be lightly fried and tangy

Day 4 and 5 of the food chart (Day 4 & 5)

On the fourth and fifth day, you can give poha, upma, cheese sandwich etc. to the child for breakfast. After breakfast, give milk shake and smoothie to the child on the fourth and fifth day instead of milk. Chickpea shake or banana smoothie can be an option. Have some ragi dishes for breakfast. Whether you can give khichdi, veg pulao or salted rice for lunch these two days. You can give buttermilk or juice according to the season at the time of lunch. Sweet curd, upma or pudding can be given to the child in the evening after lunch. In dinner, you can give bread and paneer bhujia, lentils, rice and vegetables.

6th and 7th day (Day 6 & 7)

There should be variety in breakfast in order to keep testing different types of food for seven days. In these two days, you can give fruit salad or cheese sandwich with idli-sambhar or juice to the child for breakfast. In these two days, you can give soup to the child in post breakfast and post lunch. It is very good if the soup is made at home.

In lunch, you can give moong dal khichdi, paneer pulao or roti with lentils and mixed veg. You can also give vegetables like spinach, mushrooms or okra at lunch time to children. It may be vegetables, the child may not like it, but you will have pulses to complete his lunch, which will reduce the problem. In dinner, you can give parathas or mixed veg pulao to the child. You can keep lentils, shahi paneer or sambhar in the side dish.

Some Important Tips (Hindi Tips for 24 Month Old Kid’s Diet Plan)

Keep giving milk shakes or smoothies to the baby in place of milk, otherwise he may start disliking milk.

Always keep light drinks like buttermilk or pineapple juice with food.

Make the child have dinner early so that the food starts digesting till bedtime.

You can use fried dry fruits in snacks. If you give chopped fruits to the child in snacks, then there will be nothing better than this.

You can make many fun things for the baby with ragi, porridge, oats etc.

Try that whenever the child asks for snacks, give homemade things instead of outside things. You can make biscuits, chips or

You can also make cakes.

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