Why do most cases of heart attack occur only when you are in the bathroom What experts say

By | January 30, 2022

There is no set time for a heart attack. Most heart attacks or cardiac arrests occur in the bathroom in the morning. You may be wondering how this finally happens. There are many causes of heart attack in the bathroom, knowing these causes can save you and your family from it. Now let us tell you why a heart attack occurs in the bathroom in the morning? So first understand what a heart attack or cardiac is

What is an arrest?
From a scientific point of view, heart attack and cardiac arrest are directly related to our blood. Oxygen and essential nutrients reach our body through the blood. But when plaque builds up in the arteries that carry oxygen to your heart, it causes problems. Causing the heartbeat to become unbalanced. Which leads to heart attack and cardiac arrest.

What is Cardiac Arrest?

Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and there is no warning from the body. This is due to electrical disturbances in the heart, which impairs the rhythm of the heartbeat. In this the person becomes unconscious for a while and the pulse continues. Death can occur in seconds or minutes if not treated properly at the right time.

1- In the morning when we go to the toilet, many times we put pressure on the stomach to clean it completely. People put more pressure when using Indian toilets. This pressure puts more pressure on the arteries of our heart. This can lead to a heart attack or cardiac arrest.

2- The temperature of the bathroom is cooler than other rooms in our house. In this condition more work has to be done to balance the body temperature and maintain the blood flow. It can also be a cause of heart attack.

3- Our blood pressure is a little higher in the morning. In this condition, when we pour more cold or hot water directly on the head for bathing, it affects the blood pressure. This increases the risk of heart attack.

4- If you use Indian toilet, do not sit in the same position for long. This way you can avoid a heart attack or cardiac arrest.

5-Wet the soles of the feet first, taking care of the water temperature while bathing in the bathroom. After this, pour mild water on the head. This method can save you. Do not push or rush to clear the stomach.

6-If you stay in the bath tub or water for a long time while bathing, then it also affects your arteries. Do not sit in the bathtub for a long time in this position.

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