What is the best time to eat fruit? Know the expert’s opinion

By | December 20, 2021


Everyone knows the benefits of eating fruits. Some people eat straight fruits without looking at the time, but most people will be the ones who often have the question in their mind whether now is the right time to eat fruit (fruit eating time)? Now eaten, now to eat. Does eating fruits in the morning on an empty stomach benefit the body (Health News)? Or does eating it after a meal keep your digestive system healthy? Many such questions come to mind when we think of eating fruit.

But the real question is, is there really a right time to eat fruits and is there a time when one should avoid them? To put an end to this confusion, lifestyle therapist Dr. Achuthan Ishwar explained in a video shared from his Instagram profile that fruits can be eaten at any time of the day – in the form of snacks, with food or as a whole meal etc. .

In this video, he advises to start each meal with fruit, Dr. Achuthan Ishwar considers fruit as a food shelter. He explains that this is a “eat more and lose weight” strategy, so eat whole while eating less calories.

Dr. Achuthan Ishwar explained in the caption of the Instagram post that only “two things are important”:

Do you eat at least 3 fruits every day?

In response, he wrote that if you eat less than this, the risk of diseases like stroke increases. If you eat more than that, there is no added benefit.

Do you eat fruit all day long?

“If you eat all the fruits in the morning, it will keep you healthy in the morning,” he says. By evening, your antioxidant status may be declining, coming down


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