यहां शादी के बाद पांच दिनों तक बिना कपड़े पहनें रहती हैं महिलाएं

By | January 28, 2022

Many types of traditions are adopted in our country. Every state has its own tradition. There are many such traditions, knowing which you will be surprised.

It may sound strange to you, but there is such a place in India, where married women do not wear clothes for 5 days. In these five days she remains without clothes. This has been going on for years and she is still following this tradition.

Where is this village?

In a village of Himachal Pradesh, this tradition is being followed for years, under which husband and wife cannot even joke with each other for five days after marriage, along with the newlyweds are kept without clothes for five days. . Not only this, after marriage, the bride is made to follow even more strange and poor rules.

men can’t drink alcohol

In this village, the bride stays without clothes for five days immediately after marriage, or wears only pattu made of wool, it is not that the restrictions are only on women in this village, but some rules apply to men too. Huh. For example, even men cannot touch alcohol for five days immediately after marriage.

The bride and groom drink each other’s wine

हिंदी में जाने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

Here the bride and groom also carry forward this practice by making each other drink liquor. In this community, alcohol is consumed not only on marriage but also on the death of someone, these communities wait very eagerly for marriage, when the procession returns to their village with the bride, first of all, alcohol is also an omen.

Describing about this community, an expert said that in their marriages there is neither any priest nor any special decoration, no dowry is taken nor anything is given, only alcohol is considered as everything.

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