The impact of the Ukraine-Russia war will be seen on the mobile market, prices may rise

By | February 28, 2022

The effects of the war between Russia and Ukraine could be felt on the electronics and mobile industries as well. Experts say the war could affect smartphone prices.

Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine where crude oil prices are rising and many things are also being affected. The war could also have an impact on the already affected electronics and mobile industry due to the pitch shortage caused by the Corona. According to experts, the war could also affect the price of smartphones.

This will be the effect
According to the report, Ukraine is the largest producer of neon gas. This gas is used for the laser used to make the chip. The U.S. Semiconductor-Grade sends 90% of Neon. In the case of Palladium, the world’s dependence is on Russia. Russia supplies 35 percent of its supplies. This rare metal is also used to make semiconductors. Now that there are tensions between Russia and Ukraine, many companies will be affected. Apart from this, the supply of microchips from Russia will also be cut off due to US sanctions.

What is the option
These companies may have the option of China, USA and Canada. These companies can handle these things from there, but it will be inadequate and very slow. If the war between Russia and Ukraine continues for 8-10 days, then after 15-20 days there may be a problem in handling things for these mobile companies. This will also cut off the supply of microchips used in semiconductors and mobiles.

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