These are the 5 most expensive bikes in the world, which are not common people to buy

By | January 15, 2022


Everyone is very fond of traveling on expensive to expensive bikes. Everyone dreams of long drives on those bikes far away. Today we will tell you about the 5 most expensive bikes in the world through this article, which everyone dreams of driving once, because these bikes are very spectacular in look.

Concon 49

This bike has also been awarded for the world’s most spectacular design. In terms of speed, it runs faster than the wind. In the coming time, perhaps you will be able to see this bike running on the roads as well. The price of this bike is around Rs 2 crore, which is only with 3 people in this world

Future bike

The design of this bike is much faster than it is great, but one bad thing about this bike is that it can be driven only by rich people, because its cost is about 1.50 crores.

Underwater Bike

Till all you must have dreamed of riding a road bike, but these bikes can fulfill your dream of riding a bike even under water. Oxygen cylinders are fitted in this bike, with the help of which you can breathe underwater and enjoy driving with fish.

BMW 1150 Bike

These technologies have been used in this bike made by BMW, which makes it different from other bikes. This bike also gets a touch screen, which makes our journey comfortable.

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