These habits damage the spinal cord of children, parents should follow these tips

By | January 10, 2022

Due to wrong lifestyle, even young children are falling prey to diseases. Along with this, problems related to the spinal cord are also being seen in children. The main reason behind this can be considered as wrong posture, laziness and obesity. Due to this, the problem of back pain and poor posture is increasing rapidly in children. In such a situation, today, on the special occasion of World Spine Day, we tell you some of the bad habits of children to spoil their spine health and ways to avoid it. So that his spinal cord remains completely healthy.

Let’s know those habits that damage the spinal cord in children

playing video games lying down

Often children lie on the bed or sofa, playing video games or playing the phone. But due to this the posture of the body starts getting worse. According to experts, parents should pay attention to these habits of their children from the very beginning. Otherwise, later on, the child may have back pain problem at an early age.

bending over using mobile and computer

If your children bend over to use mobiles and computers, prevent them from doing so. This can lead to neck pain. Along with this, it can lead to diseases related to wrong posture.

Heavy school bags are also a reason

Holding heavy school bags by children also works to damage the spinal cord. Due to this they may complain of low and back pain. Actually, walking with a heavy school bag on the back puts stress on the bones. In such a situation, the child feels pain and discomfort.

lying on stomach for hours

Many children have a habit of reading on their tummy. But this habit encourages them to spoil their physical posture. This can cause pain and stiffness in the neck. Along with this, reading like this causes pain in the eyes. In such a situation, there is a risk of children’s eyes getting spoiled by studying lying on their stomach.

not exercising

Due to the era of mobile, computer, children are glued to them for hours. In such a situation, they do not do any physical activity like yoga, exercise or playing outside. But doing so does not boost the immunity of children. Along with this, the risk of obesity, diabetes etc. increases rapidly in children.

You can adopt some tips to keep your child’s spine healthy.

sit down to watch TV or play games

It is the duty of the parents to pay attention to the activities of the children. In such a situation, whenever they watch TV or play games, do not let them lie down. Ask the child to sit and watch TV or play games. You can also tell them the disadvantages of working lying on their back. Along with this, teach the child to sit in a correct posture by folding his legs well on the bed or sofa.

Get children to do physical activities

Get the child to do yoga or exercise for 30 minutes daily. You can make them do light yoga, running, jumping rope etc. Also ask them to play outside. This will cause movement in his whole body. In such a situation, his posture will be perfect. Also immunity will increase. In this way the child will have better physical development. Apart from this, his mood will also be right. In this way the child will be protected from stress.

take care of diet

For better physical and mental development of the child, feed him things rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Include dairy products in the daily diet of the child. This will strengthen their bones. Feed the child green vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains, dry fruits etc. This will increase their immunity and will lead to better development. Apart from this, do not feed junk, unhealthy and fatty food to the child to keep him safe from obesity and diseases.

Try to Lighten the Child’s School Bag

Buy a child’s school bag that is of lightweight material. Apart from this, keep books and copies according to the time table of the child. This will keep his spine right. The muscles will not stretch. In this way they will be absolutely fit and fine. Along with this, parents should keep in mind that the child should ever use both the shoulders to hold the school. Apart from this, teach the child that while sitting in the class, keep both the feet on the ground completely. This will keep his physical posture perfect.

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