Does your phone get wet in water too? Do this to prevent water damage, it will continue

By | March 20, 2022

If you’re also using the phone to take pictures with friends and family by going to different places, be a little careful. Because no one gives a warranty on any of the company’s phones except the waterproof phone

In the age of smartphones, the phone is no longer just talking. The camera provided in the smartphone has excellent photography and video recording. In addition to having these photo videos, people also post pictures of their celebration on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. If you’re also using the phone to take pictures with friends and family by going to different places, be a little careful. This is because no phone from any company offers a warranty except for a waterproof phone. However, if your phone is waterlogged, here are some tips to help you protect your phone from damage to a great extent.

Switch off immediately
If your phone gets wet or gets wet, the first thing to do is to switch it off immediately. Remove its back cover and screen guard or protector. Wipe the phone thoroughly with a dry cloth only in the switch off key condition. Remove the SIM card and memory card tray from the phone. With this, there will be space for sunlight and air to enter inside the phone, so that the moisture inside it is more likely to dry out.

Keep in mind that when you notice that the phone has run out of water, do not shake the phone as this can cause water to reach the parts of the phone where it has not gone and may cause further damage to the phone.

Now that the phone is completely dry, place it in a vacuum bag. For this, take any plastic bag that has a zip. If you don’t have one, this pouch will be available at a nearby mobile and accessories store for Rs. 10-20. Now put a straw (a thin pipe for drinking juice etc.) in this pouch and close it by expelling all the air.

Another option
An old and very popular option is to dry the phone and keep it in a rice bowl for at least 24-48 hours. If this is difficult to do, keep the phone on for at least one night. Rice is said to absorb moisture inside the phone. If the moisture disappears then there will be no problem after turning on the phone.

One thing to keep in mind is to never try to charge while the phone is wet. Doing so can cause a short circuit and damage your phone. Second, never make the mistake of drying your phone with a hair dryer. This can lead to damage to the phone’s interior and wiring, which can completely damage the phone.

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