Jio Data Plan: Once the data is complete, Jio will give a loan, know how to take advantage of it

By | March 4, 2022

Telecom company Reliance Jio pays special attention to the convenience of its users and hence the company has introduced Jio Emergency Data Voucher. This will be very useful for users who have run out of data and do not currently have money to recharge. The company has introduced this voucher for emergency data, in which you can obtain data by taking a loan. Let’s find out about Geo’s Geo Emergency Data Voucher.

How to get Jio Emergency Data Voucher
Step 1- If you want to get a Geo Data Loan, first open the MyGio app in your phone.

Step 2- Go to the menu on the top left, there you will find the mobile service.

Step 3- Emergency data voucher option is offered in mobile service, select it.

Step 4- Then select the Get Emergency Data option and then click on the Active Now button provided there.

Step 5- With click you will get emergency data.

Speaking of Geo Data Loan, the company is offering you 2GB data loan and the price of this pack is 25 rupees. After taking a loan, you can repay through MyJio account. Importantly, this feature is only for prepaid users.

Pay money this way
Step 1- Open the MyJio app to pay for the Geo Data loan.

Step 2- Select Emergency Data Voucher option here.

Step 3- Then click on the Processed button and select the Peno option.

Step 4- There you can repay the loan data taken from Geo.

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