Learn how Google CEO Sundar Pichai came up with the idea to create Google Maps overnight.

By | March 10, 2022

Learn how Google CEO Sundar Pichai came up with the idea to create Google Maps overnight

The wife waited but could not reach Sundar Pichai in time, then the result of the quarrel is in your phone.

Nowadays, no matter how knowledgeable one may be, one needs Google Maps while traveling. With the advent of Google Maps, one of our biggest problems has been solved. Wherever you come and go, you can reach your destination with the help of a map. Right?

So you often use Google Maps, but do you know when and where the idea for it came from? Indeed, the story of creating Google Maps is no less than the story of a serial. Let us know the story of making Google Map in this article today.

How did the idea to create Google Map come about?

The idea to create Google Maps first came to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. This case is from 2004. Sundar Pichai, an American, was going to have dinner somewhere with his wife. Before his wife left the house, Sundar Pichai asked him to come to Direct Dinner Place. And said he would find himself at the dinner place directly from the office.

Sundar Pichai’s wife Anjali arrived for dinner at exactly 8 o’clock. Pretty Pichai also left on time for dinner, but forgot the way in between. That’s why it was 10 o’clock when they arrived. By then his wife had left.

Quarrel with wife: Sundar Pichai’s wife was angry with him for not arriving on time. That’s why the two got into a fight as soon as they reached Sundar Pichai’s house. After arguing with his wife, he went to the office and kept thinking, what should be done so that no one ever gets lost?

The idea was put to the team: after thinking all night, the next day Sundar Pichai shared the idea of ​​’Maps’ with his team. The first team refused to work on the idea. However, after much persuasion, he persuaded the team to create the maps. The last time Google Maps was launched in the United States was in 2005. After America, Google Map reached India in 2008 and now every 7th person in the world travels through Google Map.

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