The country’s largest electric vehicle charging station ready, more than a thousand vehicles will be charged in 24 hours

By | March 14, 2022

With the increase in petrol-diesel prices, people are moving towards electric vehicles. Gurugram is ready to become the largest charging station in the country for charging electric vehicles. Petrol-diesel prices are likely to go up after 5 state elections in the country. Due to rising petrol-diesel prices, people are now moving towards electric vehicles. Then a new charging station is ready in Gurugram. This news can be said to be very important from a business point of view as well as from technology. Because, after petrol-diesel and CNG, now electric vehicles have come in the market. A large number of charging stations will also have to be set up to charge those vehicles. Which will also create employment. While professionals will be able to make a good profit by investing behind such charging stations.

Charging problem will be eliminated
Drivers are facing problems due to rising petrol and diesel prices. Many people’s home budgets have also been disrupted .. so now people are turning to electric vehicles .. However, electric drivers have problems charging .. then a new charging station has been set up in Gurugram. So that the problems of electric drivers will be eliminated.

Largest charging station in the country
India’s largest electric vehicle charging station has been set up at Gurugram in the National Capital Region. Alektrify has set up an electric vehicle charging station in Sector-86, which has been completed in just 30 days. The National Highway for Electric Vehicle has set a record by building this station in just 30 days.

2 charging stations in Gurugram
Earlier also the largest charging station of the country was in Sector-52 of Gurugram … which started only last month. 100 points were created for charging vehicles in this charging station. Now becoming a new station, Gurugram has become the 2nd largest electric vehicle charging station in the country.

121 points in new station
The newly built charging station has a total of 121 charging points for charging vehicles including 75 AC, 25 DC and 21 hybrids … with the help of which 1000 electric vehicles can be easily charged in 24 hours.

DC charger will charge the vehicle in 1 hour-
It takes 6 hours to charge an electric vehicle with an AC charger, which charges 4 vehicles in a day … There are 95 such chargers at the station, which can charge 570 trains non-stop throughout the day, while DC fast charger in one hour The car can charge and can charge 24 cars in 24 hours … There are 25 such chargers at the station which can charge 600 electric cars in one day.

Noida will have a charging station
With increasing demand for electric vehicles, 2 such stations will be set up in Noida-Greater Noida in the coming days. Both these stations will be ready in 60 days. At the same time 30 more stations on Jaipur-Delhi-Agra highway will be constructed in record time within 90 days of allotment.

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