The easiest way to know WIFI Password saved in mobile, just a few clicks and password in front of you

By | February 23, 2022

How to know WiFi Password: Today, remembering passwords has become a challenge for many people. The reason is obvious, you have a lot of accounts and you don’t have to keep everyone’s passwords the same. It also includes Wifi Password Forgot.

However, it often happens that you forget your own Wi-Fi password. Sometimes it happens that you go there with a friend or relative and do your work with WiFi there.

If you use an Android smartphone, it is possible that you have saved the password by auto-connecting to WiFi. Sometimes by mistake you have to Forget WiFi in Android smartphone then you have to enter the password again. Sometimes WiFi manually disconnects and requires re-entering the password.

If you have saved the password then you will not remember it anymore. Here you can know the password of the saved WiFi from your Android phone.

How To Know WiFi Password Saved In Android Smartphone (Step By Step Guide)

Go to the settings of smartphones running Android 10 or above. Here you have to search Network & Internet. In different smartphones you will find this setting by the name Network or Internet.

Here you will see the current WiFi connection to which your phone is connected. If not here’s a new product just for you! Tap on your saved Wi-Fi from this list. Now you will get the network details. Some smartphones even have a saved network, you can tap there too

After tapping on your WiFi network, you will see the Share option. As soon as you tap on it you will be asked for the phone password or you can scan the fingerprint. You will then see a QR Code. The WiFi password will be written just below it.

Here you can find out your password. In addition to knowing the password, you can also give your WiFi access to anyone by sharing the QR code. If you do not want to share your WiFi password directly with your friends or relatives, you can give them a QR code.

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