You can easily check the live status of Train through Google Maps, find out how?

By | April 12, 2022

Google Maps Tips and Tricks: Millions of people travel by Indian Railways train every day, and some get the news of a train being delayed for some reason. Trains run late, especially in the winter season due to fog. It is very important to know how far the train has arrived, or how late it is. It is very important to track live running status. Passengers use various apps to check the live status of the train, in which the arrival time of the train is found. It also provides information on where the train is now.

In the meantime, the good news is that Google Maps has recently added a number of new features, including a toll tax. Google has also added a feature to facilitate the journey of train passengers. This feature belongs to Live Train Status. With this feature you can get train arrival time, schedule, delay status and other similar information on the app.

The Live Train Status Update feature on Google Maps was launched almost 3 years ago in 2019 on Android and iOS versions. If you also want to use this feature, know the complete process of checking the live status of the train.

You must have an active Google account before starting the process. Google has partnered with the Where is My Train app for this feature. Here’s how to check the live status of a train via Google Maps.

1 .First you need to open Google Maps in your smartphone.

2. Then enter the destination station in the search box.

3. Now tap on the ‘Train’ icon between the ‘Two Wheeler’ and ‘Walk’ icons below the Destination dialog box.

4. Tap on the root option with the train icon in it.

5. Then tap on the train name to check the status of the live train.

6. You will then get the live status of your train.

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