Youtube Video Download: Video will be downloaded in 1 minute, just follow this simple trick!

By | March 3, 2022

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. Everyone’s favorite videos are available on this platform and YouTube also comes with many interesting features like ‘Watch Letter’ and ‘Offline Mode’. Videos can be viewed on YouTube without internet but cannot be downloaded to smartphones. If you want to watch YouTube videos saved in your phone, we have a very simple way for you.

How to download YouTube videos-
YouTube gives its users the option to download videos from the platform. On opening any video, you see six options like Like, Dislike and Share, the fifth option is ‘Download’. Clicking on this option will download the video but you will only be able to watch it on the YouTube app. This video can be viewed in offline mode but after downloading it will not be saved in the file of your smartphone.

Save YouTube videos from this website to your smartphone –
If you want to download YouTube videos to your smartphone, let us tell you that there is no official way to do this. You must use third-party sources to do so. You can use a website called to download videos to your smartphone or your computer.

Follow this trick-
To download a video, first go to YouTube and copy the link of the video you want to download, then open this website on your phone or computer and paste the link or URL of the YouTube video in the space provided. After this, click on the ‘Convert’ option provided on the website, select the resolution of your choice and then select ‘Get Link’. After a while you will see the ‘Download’ option, click on it and download the video.

This way you can easily download YouTube videos to your smartphone. But let us tell you that since this website is a third party source it can carry viruses and can be dangerous for your phone data.

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