Here are 5 simple tips to protect against Omicron, Immediately Boost Immunity, Learn What Experts Say

By | January 10, 2022

Omicron cases are growing rapidly across the country. To avoid this it is important that we get the full vaccine and maintain our immunity. In order to protect ourselves from this most contagious type of covid-19, it is very important for us to prepare our body in advance.

To protect against Omicron, we need to change our lifestyle. Such as, complete sleep, good and healthy diet, workout etc. Let me tell you that T-cells play a big role in boosting our body’s immune system. They work to protect our bodies from viruses and infectious diseases and to keep us safe.

It protects our body against Covid-19 more effectively than antibodies. Wellness expert and life coach Luke Coutinho shared the news on his Instagram. He has come up with some simple ways to boost our immunity against Omicron. These simple tips are very effective in strengthening our T-cells. So let’s find out how we can strengthen our immune system by strengthening our body’s T cells.

Vitamin D intake is essential

Let me tell you that Vitamin D is an essential element in strengthening our immune system. In that case, check your vitamin D levels today. If its level goes down, consult a doctor to increase it. The sooner the levels of vitamin D in your body increase, the faster your immune system will increase and you will be safe.

2. Good sleep is essential

Research has also shown that getting less sleep affects your immune system, increases inflammation in the body and exposes you to infections and viruses. That is why good sleep is so important.

5. Pranayama essential

You should do pranayama to improve the level of oxygen in the body. You take a deep breath and hold it and then empty your lungs completely. Also, pay attention, smile a lot.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

Let me tell you that if you feel like you are hydrated after drinking tea or coffee all day, say that it works to dehydrate you. So, drink plenty of water, lemon water, coconut water, home made juice etc.

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