School Fear in Children – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

By | January 7, 2022

The responsibility of parents is very challenging, especially with the first child. When the child grows up, not only are you alert about the physical aspect of the child, such as his diet, etc., but you are also concerned about his mental well-being. Parents need to strike a balance between the pampering and strictness they give to their children, as an excess of any of these can harm the child’s mental development.

The first hurdle that parents face in this context usually comes after putting their child in school. Surely at some point your child will definitely refuse to go to school. This problem is called school refusal and it is also a fairly common problem. Dealing with such challenges can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Parents should find out the possible reasons behind the child’s behavior so that the child can feel more comfortable going to school. This article will help you understand the many aspects of school phobia. You must read this article to know how parents can deal with it and help children manage it.

What happens when children drop out of school?

When a child refuses to go to school for some reason, it is called School Refusal Syndrome. The child does not want to go to school or refuses to go to school due to fear or any other reason. He may also have school avoidance disorder, which can also show physical symptoms, such as being sick or apathetic in the morning. Due to anxiety, the child prefers to stay at home and he likes to do some other work instead of going to school

Causes of school phobia in children

There can be many reasons behind a child having school phobia and it is important to understand it from the child’s perspective. Here are some common causes of school reflux syndrome:

1. Anxiety about evaluation

The school is a place where there is continuous evaluation and every child’s potential is measured and reflected here. If a child refuses to go to school on a specific day, such as a sports day or an important public speaking day, he may be feeling nervous about performing under pressure and therefore may want to avoid it.

2. Anxiety to stay away

Not only babies, but older children also experience separation anxiety. When a child is raised by an extremely caring parent, the experience of living in a less caring environment can be harsh for the child.

3. Educational Problems

Learning difficulties or academic problems are common in children and the pressure associated with them can increase to such an extent that the child wants to avoid going to school.

4. Problems with other children

School is a place where a child interacts with many other people, including other children his age. Social isolation, bullying or fighting are common among children. In such a situation, the child wants to avoid going to school.

5. Differences with teachers

If the child does not like the behavior of a teacher, then he does not want to go to school.

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