UBER Customer Gets New Option, Know Driver Rating, Find Out How

By | February 19, 2022

Uber riders will now be able to see what rating the Uber Driver has given them. Uber said that now if customers want to see more than their average rating on the Uber App, they can do so by choosing the option of their choice. They will realize when they got 5 stars and when they got only one star.

Passengers traveling in Uber cabs are going to get a new facility. Uber users will now be allowed to view their ratings in the same way as a cab driver. The app-based company said riders will now be able to see how their ratings are calculated

This rating analyzes the ratings you receive from drivers after each trip. To see its rating, the customer must first go to the settings of the app. There again you have to go from privacy to privacy center

Swaping to the right in the Privacy Center will bring up an option to see if you want to see a summary of Uber usage. Browse your data from there and see My Rating. In addition to viewing their ratings, customers can also view their previous trip details and payments.

According to Uber, both the driver and the customer can rate each other from one to five stars. Uber says drivers decide based on their ratings how cleanly customers get off the cab. Whether or not they wear seatbelts while sitting in the back, how they lock vehicle doors and how they behave. The rating is calculated as the average rating of your last 500 trips.

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